Nutritional Counseling

There are many reasons you may have for choosing your dog or cat’s food. You may have chosen a pet food based simply on whether or not your pet will eat it, cost may also play a factor in your decision. However, not all pet foods are equal. Feeding the correct amount is not as simple as following the directions on the package, as they are just guidelines. Choosing an appropriate diet for your pet can help provide good nutrition for long-term and help prevent many problems they may develop, including allergies, nutritional deficiencies, skin and coat disorders, and obesity. Because nutritional requirements for dogs and cats vary because of many factors, such as age, size, breed, exercise, health and many more, a “one size fits all” approach to nutrition will not work. For instance, senior pets have different requirements than puppies or kittens, large breed dogs have different nutritional needs than smaller breeds, and animals with diabetes, kidney disease, and other health conditions can benefit from specific veterinary diets. Improper feeding can increase your dog or cat's risk of obesity, excessively fast growth, growth-related skeletal problems, poor muscle and bone development and poor immune response. Our veterinarian dietician consultant can help you make informed decisions about your pet’s diet. We can counsel you on which foods will be appropriate based on your pet’s needs, amount to feed, and what to look for on pet food labels. We can create a nutrition plan for your pet, and we can also work with owners to help their overweight pets get down to and maintain a healthy weight. Call us to set up a nutrition consultation for you and your pet.

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