SDMA Kidney Screening

IDEXX Laboratories SDMA kidney screening test is an easy way for veterinarians to screen for and detect early signs of kidney disease in your cat or dog. Annual blood tests are recommended to help provide a baseline to use as a reference point so we can know what is normal for your pet. This will help us keep track of any changes.

If SDMA levels are elevated, your veterinarian can prescribe a treatment plan that could help preserve your pet’s kidneys. If your pet has kidney disease, SDMA can also help your veterinarian determine how advanced the disease is, allowing your pet to get the right treatment plan.

According to Idexx, SDMA is introduced as a new more reliable indicator of kidney function than creatinine alone, and allows for earlier detection of acute kidney injury and chronic kidney disease than before. SDMA levels increase when as early as two-thirds of kidney function is lost, which makes SDMA testing more reliable in both acute, or active kidney injury and chronic kidney disease. Creatinine cannot identify kidney issues until almost three-quarters of kidney function are lost. A complete kidney evaluation should also consist of a thorough medical history, physical examination and complete urinalysis, along with blood work.

Please call us to discuss adding this test to your pet’s routine blood work.